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All Sony FTF Firmware and Lock remove file

All Sony & Xperia FTF Firmware and Lock remove file

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502SO - Sony Xperia X Performance TD-LTE
502SO_35.0.C.2.342_R20A_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom 502SO ftf file)
502SO_35.0.C.2.342_R20A_RemoveLock.ftf (502SO Lock Remove File)
502SO_39.2.D.0.340_R13C_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware 502SO ftf file)
502SO_39.2.D.0.340_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 502SO Lock Remove File)

601SO - Sony Xperia XZ
601SO_39.2.D.0.354_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 601SO Lock Remove File)
601SO_39.2.D.0.354_R13C_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom Sony 601SO ftf file)
601SO_39.2.D.0.361_R14C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 601SO Lock Remove File)
601SO_39.2.D.0.361_R14C_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 601SO ftf file)

602SO - Sony Xperia XZs
602SO_41.3.D.1.179_R10E_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 602SO FTF File)
602SO_41.3.D.1.179_R10E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 602SO Lock Remove File)

702SO - SONY Xperia XZ2 SoftBank
702SO_51.1.D.3.64_R16A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 702SO Lock Remove File)
702SO_51.1.D.3.64_R16A_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom Sony 702SO ftf file)
702SO_52.0.D.5.78_R14B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 702SO Lock Remove File)
702SO_52.0.D.5.78_R14B_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 702SO FTF File)

C1505 - Sony Xperia E
C1505_11.3.A.2.33_R10E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom C1505 ftf file)
Xperia E C1505_11.3.A.2.33_lock remove.ftf (Lock Remove)
C1505_Jtag (C1505 File Dump eMMC)

C1905 - Sony Xperia M
C1905_15.4.A.1.9_R3C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware C1905 ftf file)
C1905_15.4.A.1.9_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (C1905 Lock Remove File)
C1905_15_4_A_1_9 (C1905 Setool Unbrick File)

C2105 - Sony Xperia L
Xperia L C2105_15.3.A.1.17_lock remove .ftf (C2105 Lock Remove File)
C2105_15_3_A_1_17 (C2105 Firmware For Setool File)

C2305 - Sony Xperia C
C2305_1276-3349_16.0.B.2.16_R8A_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom C2305 ftf file)
Xperia C C2305_16.0.B.2.16_lock remove.ftf (C2305 Lock Remove File)
C2305_16_0_B_2_16 (C2305 Firmware For Setool File)

C6502 - Sony Xperia ZL
C6502_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6502 FTF File)
C6502_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6502 Lock Remove File)

C6503 - Sony Xperia ZL
C6503_10.7.A.0.222_R1E_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony C6503 FTF File)
C6503_10.7.A.0.222_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6503 Lock Remove File)

C6506 - Sony Xperia ZL
C6506_10.7.A.0.222_R4E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6506 FTF File)
C6506_10.7.A.0.222_R4E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6506 Lock Remove File)

C6602 - Sony Xperia Z
C6602_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6602 FTF File)
C6602_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6602 Lock Remove File)
Xperia Z C6602_5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf (C6602 Lock Remove File)
C6602_10_4_B_0_569 (C6602 Firmware For Setool File)

C6603 - Sony Xperia Z
C6603_10.3.A.0.423_Generic ES.ftf (Rom C6603 FTF File Android 4.2.2)
C6603_10.5.A.0.230_C6603_1270-4066.ftf (Rom C6603 FTF File Android 4.4.2)
C6603_1271-0116_10.5.1.A.0.283_R2D_firmware.ftf (Rom C6603 FTF File Android 4.4.4)
C6603_10.7.A.0.228_R6E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware C6603 FTF File Android 5.1.1)
Xperia Z LTE C6603_10.5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf (C6603 Lock Remove File)
C6603_10.7.A.0.228_R6E_RemoveLock.ftf (C6603 Lock Remove File)
C6603_10_4_B_0_569 (Firmware C6603 For Setool File)

C6606 - Sony Xperia Z (T-Mobile)
C6606_10.4.C.0.814_R12C_T-Mobile_US.ftf (Rom C6606 ftf file)
C6606_10.4.C.0.814_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (C6606 Lock Remove File)
C6606_10_3_1_E_0_191 (Firmware C6606 For Setool File)

C6616 - Sony Xperia Z
C6616_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6616 FTF File)
C6616_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6616 Lock Remove File)

C6802 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra
C6802_14.5.A.0.270_R1D_CustomizedUS.ftf.7z (Firmware C6802 ftf file)
C6802_14.5.A.0.270_R1D_Lock Remove.ftf (C6802 Lock Remove File)
C6802_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6802 FTF File)
C6802_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6802 Lock Remove File)

C6806 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra
C6806_1276-1569_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom C6806 ftf file)
C6806_1276-1569_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6806 Lock Remove File)

C6833 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra
C6833_1275-6410_14.6.A.1.236_R6D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom C6833 ftf file)
C6833_1275-6410_14.6.A.1.236_R6D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6833 Lock Remove File)

C6843 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra
C6843_1277-0849_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom C6843 ftf file)
C6843_1277-0849_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6843 Lock Remove File)

C6902 - Sony Xperia Z1
C6902_14.4.A.0.157_Customized_SG.ftf (Rom C6902 FTF File Android 4.4.4)
C6902_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware C6902 FTF File)
C6902_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6902 Lock Remove File)

C6903 - Sony Xperia Z1
C6903_14.4.A.0.157_Customized_SG.ftf (Rom C6903 FTF File Android 4.4.4)
C6903_14.6.A.1.236_R6D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware C6903 FTF File)
C6903_14.6.A.0.368_R6D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6903 Lock Remove File)

C6906 - Sony Xperia Z1
C6906_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6906 FTF File)
C6906_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6906 Lock Remove File)

C6916 - Sony Xperia Z1 T-mobile
C6916_14.5.B.0.247_R17D_T-Mobile_US.ftf (Rom Sony C6916 FTF File)
C6916_14.5.B.0.247_R17D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6916 Lock Remove File)

C6943 - Sony Xperia Z1
C6943_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_CustomizedAR.ftf (Rom Sony C6943 FTF File)
C6943_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6943 Lock Remove File)

D2004 - Sony Xperia E1
D2004_20.1.A.2.19_R1B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D2004 FTF File)
D2004_20.1.A.2.19_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2004 Lock Remove File)

D2005 - Sony Xperia E1
D2005_20.1.A.2.19_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2005 ftf file)
Xperia E1 D2005_20.1.A.2.13_lock remove.ftf (D2005 Lock Remove File)
D2005_Setool Full File (Firmware D2005 Setool File For Unbrick 9008)

D2104 - Sony Xperia E1 dual
D2104_20.0.B.0.84_R1A_CustomizedGEL.ftf (Rom Sony D2104 FTF File)
D2104_20.0.B.0.84_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2104 Lock Remove File)

D2105 - Sony Xperia E1 dual
D2105_20.1.B.2.29_R2B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony D2105 FTF File)
D2105_20.1.B.2.29_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2105 Lock Remove File)

D2114 - Sony Xperia E1
D2114_20.1.B.2.30_R2B_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom Sony D2114 FTF File)
D2114_20.1.B.2.30_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2114 Lock Remove File)

D2202 - Sony Xperia E3
D2202_18.5.A.0.26_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2202 ftf file)
D2202_18.5.A.0.26_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2202 Lock Remove File)
D2202_18_5_A_0_26 (Firmware D2202 For Setool File)

D2203 - Sony Xperia E3
D2203_18.5.C.0.19_R3B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom D2203 FTF File)
D2203_18.5.C.0.19_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2203 Lock Remove File)

D2206 - Sony Xperia E3
D2206_18.5.C.0.19_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom D2206 FTF File)
D2206_18.5.C.0.19_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2206 Lock Remove File)

D2212 - Sony Xperia E3 Dual
D2212_18.5.B.0.26_R8B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom D2212 FTF File)
D2212_18.5.B.0.26_R8B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2212 Lock Remove File)

D2243 - Sony Xperia E3
D2243_18.4.C.2.12_R1B_Commercial.ftf (Rom D2243 FTF File)
D2243_18.4.C.2.12_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2243 Lock Remove File)

D2302 - Sony Xperia M2
D2302_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Firmware Sony D2302 FTF File)
D2302_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2302 Lock Remove File)

D2303 - Sony Xperia M2
D2303_18.6.A.0.182_R1C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D2303 FTF File)
D2303_18.6.A.0.182_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2303 Lock Remove File)

D2305 - Sony Xperia M2
D2305_1281-0472_18.3.1.A.1.9_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2305 FTF File)
D2305_1281-0472_18.3.1.A.1.9_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2305 Lock Remove File)
D2305_18.3.1.A.0.21_DevXharrY.ftf (Firmware Sony D2305 FTF File)
D2305_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D2305 FTF File)
D2305_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2305 Lock Remove File)
D2305_18.6.A.0.182 (Firmware D2305 Setool Full File For Unbrick)

D2306 - Sony Xperia M2
D2306_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_Customized.US.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D2306 FTF File)
D2306_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2306 Lock Remove File)

D2403 - Sony Xperia M2 Aqua
D2403_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_Customized_IT.ftf (Rom Sony D2403 FTF File)
D2403_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2403 Lock Remove File)

D2406 - Sony Xperia M2 Aqua
D2406_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D2406 FTF File)
D2406_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2406 Lock Remove File)

D2502 - Sony Xperia C3 Dual
D2502_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2502 FTF File Android 5.1.1)
D2502_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (D2502 Lock Remove File)

D2533 - Sony Xperia C3
D2533_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony D2533 FTF File)
D2533_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2533 Lock Remove File)

D5102 - Sony Xperia T3
D5102_18.2.A.2.32_R2B_Customized.US.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5102 FTF File)
D5102_18.2.A.2.32_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5102 Lock Remove File)

D5103 - Sony Xperia T3
D5103_18.1.A.2.25_R10B_Customized.UK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5103 FTF File)
D5103_18.1.A.2.25_R10B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5103 Lock Remove File)

D5106 - Sony Xperia T3
D5106_18.1.A.2.25_R4B_Customized.US.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5106 FTF File)
D5106_18.1.A.2.25_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5106 Lock Remove File)

D5303 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
D5303_19.4.A.0.182_R8C_Customized.UK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5303 FTF File)
D5303_19.4.A.0.182_R8C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5303 Lock Remove File)

D5306 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
D5306_19.4.A.0.182_R7C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5306 FTF File)
D5306_19.4.A.0.182_R7C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5306 Lock Remove File)

D5316 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
D5316_19.4.A.0.182_R6C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5316 FTF File)
D5316_19.4.A.0.182_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5316 Lock Remove File)

D5322 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
D5322_19.4.A.0.182_R2C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D5322 FTF File)
D5322_19.4.A.0.182_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (D5322 Lock Remove File)

D5503 - Sony Xperia Z1 Mini (Z1 Compact)
D5503_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom D5503 FTF File)
D5503_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (D5503 Lock Remove File)
D5503_512M (File Dump Sony D5503)

D5788 - Sony Xperia J1 Compact
D5788_14.4.C.0.136_R6C_CustomizedJP.ftf (Rom Sony D5788 FTF File)
D5788_14.4.C.0.136_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5788 Lock Remove File)

D5803 - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
D5803_23.5.A.1.291_R5D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D5803 FTF File)
D5803_23.5.A.1.291_R5D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5803 Lock Remove File)

D5833 - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
D5833_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_CustomizedIN.ftf (Firmware Sony D5833 FTF File)
D5833_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5833 Lock Remove File)

D6502 - Sony Xperia Z2
D6502_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony D6502 FTF File)
D6502_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6502 Lock Remove File)

D6503 - Sony Xperia Z2
D6503_23.4.A.0.546_R6C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D6503 FTF File)
D6503_23.4.A.0.546_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6503 Lock Remove File)
D6503_23.5.A.1.291_R11D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware D6503 FTF File)
D6503_23.5.A.1.291_R11D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6503 Lock Remove File)
D6503_512M (File Dump Sony D6503)

D6543 - Sony Xperia Z2
D6543_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom Sony D6543 FTF File)
D6543_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6543 Lock Remove File)

D6563 - Sony Xperia Z2a
D6563_17.1.2.A.0.314_Customized_TW.ftf (Rom Sony D6563 FTF File)
D6563_23.1.A.0.726_Customized_TW.ftf (Rom Sony D6563 FTF File)
D6563_17.1.1.A.0.438_TW_UXT.ftf (Firmware Sony D6563 FTF File)
D6563_23.5.A.0.575_R4D_CustomizedTW.ftf (Firmware D6563 FTF File)
D6563_23.5.A.0.575_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6563 Lock Remove File)

D6603 - Sony Xperia Z3
D6603_23.0.A.2.98_Customized_20UK.ftf (Rom Sony D6603 FTF File)
D6603_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony D6603 FTF File)
D6603_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6603 Lock Remove File)

D6616 - Sony Xperia Z3
D6616_23.1.C.0.385_R15C_T-Mobile_US.ftf (Rom Sony D6616 FTF File)
D6616_23.1.C.0.385_R15C_RemoveLock.ftf (D6616 Lock Remove File)

D6633 - Sony Xperia Z3 Dual
D6633_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D6633 FTF File)
D6633_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6633 Lock Remove File)

D6643 - Sony Xperia Z3
D6643_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_CustomizedAR.ftf (Firmware Sony D6643 FTF File)
D6643_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6643 Lock Remove File)

D6646 - Sony Xperia Z3
D6646_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D6646 FTF File)
D6646_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6646 Lock Remove File)

D6653 - Sony Xperia Z3
D6653_23.0.A.2.93_Customized_IN.ftf (Rom Sony D6653 FTF File)
D6653_23.4.A.1.232_R2C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony D6653 FTF File)
Xperia Z3 D6653_23.0.A.2.93_lock remove.ftf (Sony D6653 Lock Remove File)
D6653_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony D6653 FTF File)
D6653_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6653 Lock Remove File)

D6683 - Sony Xperia Z3 Dual
D6683_23.1.2.E.0.13_R6C_CustomizedHK.ftf (Rom Sony D6683 FTF File)
D6683_23.1.2.E.0.13_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6683 Lock Remove File)

D6708 - Sony Xperia Z3v Verizon
D6708_D66XX_23.4.B.0.319_R30C_VerizonUS.ftf (Rom Sony D6708 FTF File)
D6708_D66XX_23.D.1.0.485_Verizon.ftf (Rom Sony D6708 FTF File)
D6708_D66XX_23.4.B.0.319_R30C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6708 Lock Remove File)
Flash Tool For Sony D6708 (Nếu chạy flashtool ver new lỗi thì tải bản này nhé): Download
D6708_512M (File Dump Sony D6708)

E15i - Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
E15i_2_1_1_A_0_6 (Firmware Sony E15i For Setool File)
Xperia X8 E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf (Sony E15i Lock Remove File)
Xperia X8 E15a_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf (Sony E15a Lock Remove File)

E2003 - Sony Xperia E4g
E2003_25.0.A.2.31_R10A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony E2003 FTF File)
E2003_25.0.A.2.31_R10A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2003 Lock Remove File)

E2006 - Sony Xperia E4g
E2006_25.0.A.1.28_R1A_Unit.ftf (Firmware Sony E2006 FTF File)
E2006_25.0.A.1.28_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2006 Lock Remove File)
E2006_25.0.A.2.35_R4A_CustomizedGEL.ftf (Rom Sony E2006 FTF File)
E2006_25.0.A.2.35_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2006 Lock Remove File)

E2033 - Sony Xperia E4g Dual
E2033_25.0.B.2.31_R3A_CustomizedHK.ftf (Firmware Sony E2033 FTF File)
E2033_25.0.B.2.31_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2033 Lock Remove File)

E2043 - Sony Xperia E4g Dual
E2043_25.0.B.2.31_R4A_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony E2043 FTF File)
E2043_25.0.B.2.31_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2043 Lock Remove File)

E2053 - Sony Xperia E4g
E2053_25.0.A.2.31_R3A_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony E2053 FTF File)
E2053_25.0.A.2.31_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2053 Lock Remove File)

E2104 - Sony Xperia E4
E2104_24.0.A.1.36_R1A_Commercial.ftf (Rom Sony E2104 FTF File)
E2104_24.0.A.1.36_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2104 Lock Remove File)
E2104_24.0.A.5.14_R4A_CustomizedGEL.ftf (Firmware E2104 FTF File)
E2104_24.0.A.5.14_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2104 Lock Remove File)

E2105 - Sony Xperia E4
E2105_24.0.A.5.14_R8A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E2105 FTF File)
E2105_24.0.A.5.14_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2105 Lock Remove File)

E2115 - Sony Xperia E4 Dual
E2115_24.0.B.5.14_R4A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E2115 FTF File)
E2115_24.0.B.5.14_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2115 Lock Remove File)
E2115_24.0.B.1.36-4.4.4-24.0.B.1.36)[Q7XSAB] (Firmware E2115 File For SPFlashtool)
E2115_24.0.B.5.17 Firmware Sony E2115 For Setool Unbrick File]

E2124 - Sony Xperia E4 Dual
E2124_24.0.B.1.36_R2A_Unit.ftf (Rom Sony E2124 FTF File)
E2124_24.0.B.1.36_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2124 Lock Remove File)
E2124_24.0.B.5.14_R6A_CustomizedBR.ftf (Firmware Sony E2124 FTF File)
E2124_24.0.B.5.14_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2124 Lock Remove File)

E2303 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
E2303_26.1.A.1.128_R2A_CAJ.ftf (Rom Sony E2303 FTF File Android 5.0)
E2303_26.1.A.1.128_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2303 Lock Remove File)
E2303_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony E2303 FTF File Android 6.0)
E2303_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2303 Lock Remove File)

E2306 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
E2306_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E2306 FTF File)
E2306_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2306 Lock Remove File)

E2312 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual
Flashtool Sony E2312: Download
E2312_26.1.B.3.109_R1A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom E2312 FTF File Android 5.0)
E2312_1298-6195_26.1.B.3.109_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2312 Lock Remove File)
E2312_26.3.B.1.33_R1C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E2312 FTF File v5.0)
E2312_26.3.B.1.33_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2312 Lock Remove File)
E2312_eMMC_8G (File Dump eMMC Full 8G Sony E2312)
E2312_26.3.B.1.33_R1C (Firmware Sony M4 E2312 For Setool File)

E2333 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual
E2333_26.3.B.1.33_R6C_CustomizedSA.ftf (Rom Sony E2333 FTF File)
E2333_26.3.B.1.33_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2333 Lock Remove File)

E2353 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (4G, 1 SIM)
E2353_26.3.A.1.33_R1C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E2353 FTF File)
E2353_26.3.A.1.33_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2353 Lock Remove File)

E2363 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 16GB LTE 4G
E2363_26.3.B.1.33_R2C_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony E2363 FTF File)
E2363_26.3.B.1.33_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2363 Lock Remove File)

E5303 - Sony Xperia C4
E5303_27.3.A.0.173_R3B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E5303 FTF File)
E5303_27.3.A.0.173_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5303 Lock Remove File)

E5306 - Sony Xperia C4
E5306_27.3.A.0.173_R1B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E5306 FTF File)
E5306_27.3.A.0.173_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5306 Lock Remove File)

E5333 - Sony Xperia C4 Dual
E5333_27.2.B.0.169_R2A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5333 FTF File)
E5333_27.2.B.0.169_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5333 Lock Remove File)
E5333_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony E5333 FTF File)
E5333_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5333 Lock Remove File)
E5333_27.3.B.0.129 (Firmware Sony E5333 For Setool Unbrick File Android 6.0)

E5353 - Sony Xperia C4
E5353_27.3.A.0.173_R2B_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony E5353 FTF File)
E5353_27.3.A.0.173_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5353 Lock Remove File)

E5363 - Sony Xperia C4 Dual
E5363_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony E5363 FTF File)
E5363_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5363 Lock Remove File)

E5506 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra
E5506_29.2.A.0.174_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E5506 FTF File)
E5506_29.2.A.0.174_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5506 Lock Remove File)

E5533 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual
E5533_29.2.B.0.174_R4B_CustomizedSA.ftf (Rom Sony E5533 FTF File)
E5533_29.2.B.0.174_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5533 Lock Remove File)

E5553 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra
E5553_29.2.A.0.174_R3B_CustomizedSG.ftf (Firmware E5533 FTF File)
E5553_29.2.A.0.174_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5533 Lock Remove File)

E5563 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual
E5563_29.2.B.0.129_R3B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5563 FTF File)
E5563_29.2.B.0.129_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5563 Lock Remove File)
E5563_29.2.B.0.174_R3B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony E5563 FTF File)
E5563_29.2.B.0.174_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5563 Lock Remove File)
E5563_Setool Full File (Firmware Sony E5563 For Setool Unbrick File)
E5563_Jtag (File dump eMMC dump by EasyJtag Full File): Download

E5603 - Sony Xperia M5
E5603_30.2.A.1.21_R3B_Customized.UK.ftf (Rom Sony E5603 FTF File)
E5603_30.2.A.1.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5603 Lock Remove File)

E5606 - Sony Xperia M5
E5606_30.2.A.1.21_R2B_Customized.AR.ftf (Rom Sony E5606 FTF File)
E5606_30.2.A.1.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5606 Lock Remove File)

E5633 - Sony Xperia M5 Dual
E5633_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_Customized.UA.ftf (Rom Sony E5633 FTF File)
E5633_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5633 Lock Remove File)

E5653 - Sony Xperia M5 Single Sim
E5653_30.2.A.1.21_R1B_Customized.VN.ftf (Rom Sony E5653 FTF File)
E5653_30.2.A.1.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5653 Lock Remove File)
E5653_30.2.A.1.21_CustomizedVN_FileSetool (Rom Unbrick Sony E5653 For Setool)
E5653_1Sim_Jtag (File Dump eMMC Sony E5653)

E5643 - Sony Xperia M5 Dual
E5643_30.2.B.1.21_R5B_Customized.BR.ftf (Rom Sony E5643 FTF File)
E5643_30.2.B.1.21_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5643 Lock Remove File)

E5663 - Sony Xperia M5 Dual
E5663_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5663 FTF File)
E5663_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5663 Lock Remove File)
E5663_30.2.B.1.21_CustomizedVN_FileSetool (Rom Unbrick Sony E5663 For Setool)
E5663_2Sim_Jtag (File Dump eMMC Sony E5663)

E5803 - Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
E5803_32.2.A.5.11_R10C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5803 FTF File)
E5803_32.2.A.5.11_R10C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5803 Lock Remove File)
E5803_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E5803 FTF File)
E5803_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_RemoveLock (Sony E5803 Lock Remove File)

E5823 - Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
E5823_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E5823 FTF File)
E5823_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5823 Lock Remove File)
E5823_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware E5823 FTF File)
E5823_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5823 Lock Remove File)

E6533 - Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Dual
E6533_32.2.A.0.305_R10C_CustomizedHK.ftf (Rom Sony E6533 FTF File)
E6533_32.2.A.0.305_R10C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6533 Lock Remove File)
E6533_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedSA.ftf (Firmware E6533 FTF File)
E6533_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6533 Lock Remove File)

E6553 - Sony Xperia Z3 Plus
E6553_32.2.A.0.305_R7C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E6553 FTF File)
E6553_32.2.A.0.305_R7C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6553 Lock Remove File)

E6603 - Sony Xperia Z5
E6603_32.2.A.0.224_R3C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E6603 FTF File)
E6603_32.2.A.0.224_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6603 Lock Remove File)
E6603_32.2.A.0.305_R3C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E6603 FTF File)
E6603_32.2.A.0.305_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6603 Lock Remove File)
E6603_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware E6603 FTF File)
E6603_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6603 Lock Remove File)

E6633 - Sony Xperia Z5 Dual
E6633_32.2.A.5.11_R2C_CustomizedTR.ftf (Rom Sony E6633 FTF File)
E6633_32.2.A.5.11_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6633 Lock Remove File)
E6633_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedTR.ftf (Firmware E6633 FTF File)
E6633_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6633 Lock Remove File)

E6653 - Sony Xperia Z5 1 SIM
E6653_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_GenericGLOBAL (Stock Rom Sony E6653 FTF File)
E6653_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_RemoveLock (Sony E6653 Lock Remove File)
E6653_32.3.A.2.33_R2D_GenericGLOBAL.ftf (Firmware Sony E6653 FTF File)
E6653_32.3.A.2.33_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 Lock Remove File)
E6653_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 FTF File)
E6653_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 Lock Remove File)

E6683 - Sony Xperia Z5 Dual
E6683_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E6683 FTF File)
E6683_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6683 Lock Remove File)
E6683_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E6683 FTF File)
E6683_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6683 Lock Remove File)

E6833 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual
E6833_32.2.A.5.11_R1C_CustomizedTR.ftf (Stock Rom Sony E6833 FTF File)
E6833_32.2.A.5.11_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6833 Lock Remove File)
E6833_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedSA.ftf (Firmware Sony E6833 FTF File)
E6833_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6833 Lock Remove File)

E6853 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
E6853_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E6853 FTF File)
E6853_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6853 Lock Remove File)

E6883 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual
E6883_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E6883 FTF File)
E6883_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6883 Lock Remove File)
E6883_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E6883 FTF File)
E6883_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6883 Lock Remove File)
E6883_32.4.A.0.160 (Firmware Sony E6883 For Setool Full File Unbrick)

F3111 - Sony Xperia XA
F3111_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony F3111 FTF File)
F3111_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3111 Lock Remove File)

F3112 - Sony Xperia XA Dual SIM
F3112_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_CustomizedAE.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F3112 FTF File)
F3112_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3112 Lock Remove File)

F3113 - Sony Xperia XA
F3113_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony F3113 FTF File)
F3113_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3113 Lock Remove File)

F3115 - Sony Xperia XA
F3115_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_CustomizedUA.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F3115 FTF File)
F3115_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3115 Lock Remove File)

F3116 - Sony Xperia XA
F3116_33.2.B.4.70_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony F3116 FTF File)
F3116_33.2.B.3.74_remove lock.ftf (Sony F3116 Lock Remove File)
F3116_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware F3116 FTF File)
F3116_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3116 Lock Remove File)
F3116_Jtag (File Dump eMMC Sony F3116)

F3211 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra
F3211_36.1.A.1.106_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony F3211 FTF File)
F3211_36.1.A.1.106_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3211 Lock Remove File)

F3212 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra
F3212_36.0.B.2.109_R5A_GenericGLOBAL.ftf (Rom Sony F3212 FTF File)
F3212_36.0.B.2.109_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3212 Lock Remove File)

F3213 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra
F3213_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F3213 FTF File)
F3213_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3213 Lock Remove File)

F3215 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra
F3215_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_CustomizedAU.ftf (Rom Sony F3215 FTF File)
F3215_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3215 Lock Remove File)

F3216 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra
F3216_36.1.A.0.182_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony F3216 FTF File)
F3216_36.1.A.0.182_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3216 Lock Remove File)
F3216_36.1.A.1.90_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony F3216 FTF File)
F3216_36.1.A.1.90_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3216 Lock Remove File)
F3216_Setool Full File (Firmware Sony F3216 Setool File For Unbrick)

F3311 - Sony Xperia E5
F3311_37.0.A.2.108_R7A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony F3311 FTF File)
F3311_37.0.A.2.108_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3311 Lock Remove File)
F3311_37.0.A.2.248_R11A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware F3311 FTF File)
F3311_37.0.A.2.248_R11A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3311 Lock Remove File)

F3313 - Sony Xperia E5
F3313_37.0.A.2.183_R4A_CustomizedCL.ftf (Rom Sony F3313 FTF File)
F3313_37.0.A.2.183_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3313 Lock Remove File)

F5121 - Sony Xperia X Dual
F5121_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony F5121 FTF File)
F5121_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5121 Lock Remove File)
F5121_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F5121 FTF File)
F5121_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5121 Lock Remove File)

F5122 - Sony Xperia X Dual
F5122_34.4.A.2.97_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F5122 FTF File)
F5122_34.4.A.2.97_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5122 Lock Remove File)
F5122_34.4.A.2.118_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony F5122 FTF File)
F5122_34.4.A.2.118_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5122 Lock Remove File)

F5321 - Sony Xperia X Compact
F5321_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony F5321 FTF File)
F5321_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5321 Lock Remove File)
F5321_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F5321 FTF File)
F5321_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5321 Lock Remove File)

F8131 - Sony Xperia X Performance
F8131_35.0.A.1.238_R7A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F8131 FTF File)
F8131_35.0.A.1.238_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8131 Lock Remove File)
F8131_41.3.A.0.401_R2E_Generic_GLOBAL.ftf (Firmware F8131 FTF File)
F8131_41.3.A.0.401_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8131 Lock Remove File)

F8132 - Sony Xperia X Performance Dual
F8132_35.0.A.1.238_R8A_CustomizedHK.ftf (Rom Sony F8132 FTF File)
F8132_35.0.A.1.238_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8132 Lock Remove File)
F8132_41.3.A.2.149_R2E_Customized_HK.ftf (Firmware F8132 FTF File)
F8132_41.3.A.2.149_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8132 Lock Remove File)

F8331 - Sony Xperia XZ
F8331_41.3.A.2.157_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F8331 FTF File)
F8331_41.3.A.2.157_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8331 Lock Remove File)

F8332 - Sony Xperia XZ Dual
F8332_41.3.A.2.157_R3E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F8332 FTF File)
F8332_41.3.A.2.157_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8332 Lock Remove File)

G1109 - Sony Xperia Touch
G1109_44.3.A.0.94_R4C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony G1109 FTF File)
G1109_44.3.A.0.94_R4C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G1109 Lock Remove File)

G1209 - Sony Xperia Hello
G1209_46.3.A.0.58_R9C_VMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G1209 FTF File)
G1209_46.3.A.0.58_R9C_RemoveLock.ftf Sony G1209 Lock Remove File)

G3112 - Sony Xperia XA1 Dual Sim
G3112_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3112 FTF File)
G3112_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3112 Lock Remove File)
G3112_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized_UK.ftf (Rom Sony G3112 FTF File)
G3112_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3112 Lock Remove File)

G3116 - Sony Xepria XA1
G3116_40.0.A.6.162_R6A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony G3116 FTF File)
G3116_40.0.A.6.162_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3116 Lock Remove File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3116 FTF File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3116 Lock Remove File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_Customized_VN.ftf (Rom Sony G3116 FTF File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3116 Lock Remove File)

G3121 - Sony Xperia XA1
G3121_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G3121 FTF File)
G3121_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3121 Lock Remove File)
G3121_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized_UK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3121 FTF File)
G3121_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3121 Lock Remove File)

G3123 - Sony Xperia XA1
G3123_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony G3123 FTF File)
G3123_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3123 Lock Remove File)
G3123_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_Customized_US.ftf (Rom Sony G3123 FTF File)
G3123_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3123 Lock Remove File)

G3125 - Sony Xperia XA1
G3125_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_CustomizedAU.ftf (Rom Sony G3125 FTF File)
G3125_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3125 Lock Remove File)
G3125_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized_TW.ftf (Firmware Sony G3125 FTF File)
G3125_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3125 Lock Remove File)

G3212 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
G3212_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_CustomizedAE.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G3212 FTF File)
G3212_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3212 Lock Remove File)
G3212_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_Customized.AE.ftf (Firmware Sony G3212 FTF File)
G3212_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3212 Lock Remove File)

G3221 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
G3221_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3221 FTF File)
G3221_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3221 Lock Remove File)
G3221_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_Customized.UK.ftf (Rom Sony G3221 FTF File)
G3221_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3221 Lock Remove File)

G3223 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
G3223_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony G3223 FTF File)
G3223_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3223 Lock Remove File)
G3223_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized.US.ftf (Firmware Sony G3223 FTF File)
G3223_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3223 Lock Remove File)

G3226 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
G3226_42.0.A.3.30_1308-3914_R4A.ftf (Rom Sony G3226 Bypass Google ok)
G3226_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3226 FTF File)
G3226_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3226 Lock Remove File)
G3226_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_Customized.VN.ftf (Rom Sony G3226 FTF File)
G3226_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3226 Lock Remove File)

G3311 - Sony Xperia L1
G3311_43.0.A.7.55_Germany_L1_7.0.ftf (Rom Sony G3311 Bypass Google ok)
G3311_43.0.A.7.70_R8A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony G3311 FTF File)
G3311_43.0.A.7.70_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3311 Lock Remove File)
G3311_43.0.A.7.99_R8A_Customized_UK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3311 FTF File)
G3311_43.0.A.7.99_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3311 Lock Remove File)

G3312 - Sony Xperia L1 Dual
G3312_43.0.A.7.70_R4A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony G3312 FTF File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.70_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3312 Lock Remove File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.55_XPERIASITE_VN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3312 FTF File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.99_R4A_Customized_VN.ftf (Rom Sony G3312 FTF File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.99_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3312 Lock Remove File)
G3312_43.0.A.6.49_Setool (Firmware Unbrick G3312 Flash by Setool box)

G3313 - Sony Xperia L1
G3313_43.0.A.7.70_R6A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony G3313 FTF File)
G3313_43.0.A.7.70_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3313 Lock Remove File)
G3313_43.0.A.7.99_R6A_Customized_US.ftf (Firmware Sony G3313 FTF File)
G3313_43.0.A.7.99_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3313 Lock Remove File)

G3412 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus
G3412_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3412 FTF File)
G3412_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3412 Lock Remove File)

G3416 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus
G3416_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3416 FTF File)
G3416_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3416 Lock Remove File)

G3421 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus
G3421_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_Customized_IT.ftf (Firmware Sony G3421 FTF File)
G3421_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3421 Lock Remove File)

G3423 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus
G3423_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony G3423 FTF File)
G3423_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3423 Lock Remove File)

G3426 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus
Download Tool Version Flashtool_0. (Flash Tool Sony G3426)
G3426_48.0.A.1.66_R4A_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony G3426 FTF File)

G8141 - Sony Xperia XZ Premium
G8141_47.1.A.12.235_R13B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8141 FTF File)
G8141_47.1.A.12.235_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8141 Lock Remove File)
G8141_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G8141 FTF File)
G8141_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8141 Lock Remove File)

G8142 - Sony Xperia XZ Premium
G8142_47.1.A.12.270_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8142 FTF File)
G8142_47.1.A.12.270_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8142 Lock Remove File)
G8142_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G8142 FTF File)
G8142_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8142 Lock Remove File)

G8188 - Sony Xperia XZ Premium
G8188_47.1.E.8.67_R4B_JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8188 FTF File)
G8188_47.1.E.8.67_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8188 Lock Remove File)
G8188_47.2.E.2.3_R4C_MVNO_SNC_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony G8188 FTF File)
G8188_47.2.E.2.3_R4C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8188 Lock Remove File)

G8231 - Sony Xperia XZs
G8231_41.3.A.2.239_R3E_Customized_IT.ftf (Firmware Sony G8231 FTF File)
G8231_41.3.A.2.239_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8231 Lock Remove File)

G8232 - Sony Xperia XZs
G8232_41.3.A.2.239_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G8232 FTF File)
G8232_41.3.A.2.239_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8232 Lock Remove File)

G8341 - Sony Xperia XZ1
G8341_47.1.A.12.270_R23B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony G8341 FTF File)
G8341_47.1.A.12.270_R23B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8341 Lock Remove File)
G8341_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G8341 FTF File)
G8341_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8341 Lock Remove File)

G8342 - Sony Xperia XZ1
G8342_47.1.A.12.270_R5B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8342 FTF File)
G8342_47.1.A.12.270_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8342 Lock Remove File)
G8342_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G8342 FTF File)
G8342_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8342 Lock Remove File)

G8441 - Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact
G8441_47.1.A.12.235_R17B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G8441 FTF File)
G8441_47.1.A.12.235_R17B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8441 Lock Remove File)
G8441_47.2.A.10.28_R7C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8441 FTF File)
G8441_47.2.A.10.28_R7C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8441 Lock Remove File)

H3113 - Sony Xperia XA2 Dual SIM
H3113_50.1.A.13.123_R20A_Customized.UK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3113 FTF File)
H3113_50.1.A.13.123_R20A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3113 Lock Remove File)

H3123 - Sony Xperia XA2
H3123_50.1.A.13.123_R15A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3123 FTF File)
H3123_50.1.A.13.123_R15A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3123 Lock Remove File)

H3133 - Sony Xperia XA2
H3133_50.1.A.5.59_R1A_CAJ.ftf (Stock Firmware Sony H3133 FTF File)
H3133_50.1.A.5.59_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3133 Lock Remove File)

H3213 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra
H3213_50.1.A.10.40_R7A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H3213 FTF File)
H3213_50.1.A.10.40_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3213 Lock Remove File)
H3213_50.1.A.13.123_R9A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H3213 FTF File)
H3213_50.1.A.13.123_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3213 Lock Remove File)

H3223 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra
H3223_50.1.A.10.40_R8A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony H3223 FTF File)
H3223_50.1.A.10.40_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3223 Lock Remove File)
H3223_50.2.A.0.352_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony H3223 FTF File)
H3223_50.2.A.0.352_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3223 Lock Remove File)

H3311 - Sony Xperia L2
H3311_49.0.A.5.70_R9A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3311 FTF File)
H3311_49.0.A.5.70_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3311 Lock Remove File)
H3311_49.0.A.6.67_R9A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H3311 FTF File)
H3311_49.0.A.6.67_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3311 Lock Remove File)

H3321 - Sony Xperia L2
H3321_49.0.A.5.70_R2A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony H3321 FTF File)
H3321_49.0.A.5.70_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3321 Lock Remove File)
H3321_49.0.A.6.67_R2A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony H3321 FTF File)
H3321_49.0.A.6.67_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3321 Lock Remove File)

H3413 - Sony Xperia XA2 Plus
H3413_50.1.A.13.83_R1A_StoreFront.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3413 FTF File)
H3413_50.1.A.13.83_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3413 Lock Remove File)

H4113 - Sony Xperia XA2 Dual
H4113_50.1.A.13.123_R5A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H4113 FTF File)
H4113_50.1.A.13.123_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4113 Lock Remove File)

H4133 - Sony Xperia XA2
H4133_50.1.A.13.123_R2A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H4133 FTF File)
H4133_50.1.A.13.123_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4133 Lock Remove File)
H4133_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_CustomizedVN_Full.ftf (Rom Sony H4133 FTF File)
H4133_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4133 Lock Remove File)

H4213 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual
H4213_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H4213 FTF File)
H4213_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4213 Lock Remove File)
H4213_50.1.A.13.123_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H4213 FTF File)
H4213_50.1.A.13.123_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4213 Lock Remove File)

H4233 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual
H4233_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4233 FTF File)
H4233_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4233 Lock Remove File)
H4233_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H4233 FTF File)
H4233_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4233 Lock Remove File)

H4311 - Sony Xperia L2 Dual Sim
H4311_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H4311 FTF File)
H4311_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4311 Lock Remove File)
H4311_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H4311 FTF File)
H4311_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4311 Lock Remove File)

H4331 - Sony Xperia L2
H4331_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4331 FTF File)
H4331_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4331 Lock Remove File)
H4331_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H4331 FTF File)
H4331_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4331 Lock Remove File)

H4413 - Sony Xperia XA2 Plus
H4413_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_Customized_IT.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4413 FTF File)
H4413_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4413 Lock Remove File)

H4493 - Sony Xperia XA2 Plus
H4493_50.1.A.13.83_R2A_CustomizedHK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4493 FTF File)
H4493_50.1.A.13.83_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4493 Lock Remove File)

H8116 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium TD-LTE
H8116_51.1.A.6.83_R10A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H8116 FTF File)
H8116_51.1.A.6.83_R10A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8116 Lock Remove File)
H8116_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8116 FTF File)
H8116_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8116 Lock Remove File)

H8166 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Dual SIM
H8166_51.1.A.6.83_R6A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8166 FTF File)
H8166_51.1.A.6.83_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8166 Lock Remove File)
H8166_52.0.A.8.25_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H8166 FTF File)
H8166_52.0.A.8.25_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8166 Lock Remove File)

H8216 - Sony Xperia XZ2
H8216_51.1.A.4.265_R14A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8216 FTF File)
H8216_51.1.A.4.265_R14A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8216 Lock Remove File)
H8216_52.0.A.8.14_R5B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H8216 FTF File)
H8216_52.0.A.8.14_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8216 Lock Remove File)

H8266 - Sony Xperia XZ2
H8266_51.1.A.4.265_R7A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H8266 FTF File)
H8266_51.1.A.4.265_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8266 Lock Remove File)
H8266_52.0.A.8.25_R3B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8266 FTF File)
H8266_52.0.A.8.25_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8266 Lock Remove File)

H8276 - Sony Xperia XZ2
H8276_51.1.A.3.159_R5A_FreedomCA.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8276 FTF File)
H8276_51.1.A.3.159_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8276 Lock Remove File)
H8276_52.0.A.3.27_R5B_Commercial_Journalists.ftf (Firmware Sony H8276)
H8276_52.0.A.3.27_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8276 Lock Remove File)

H8296 - Sony Xperia XZ2
H8296_51.1.A.4.265_R5A_CustomizedIN.ftf (Firmware Sony H8296 FTF File)
H8296_51.1.A.4.265_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8296 Lock Remove File)
H8296_52.0.A.8.25_R4B_Customized_IN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8296 FTF File)
H8296_52.0.A.8.25_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8296 Lock Remove File)

H8314 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact
H8314_51.1.A.4.225_R12A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8314 FTF File)
H8314_51.1.A.4.225_R12A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8314 Lock Remove File)
H8314_52.0.A.8.14_R9B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Rom Sony H8314 FTF File)
H8314_52.0.A.8.14_R9B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8314 Lock Remove File)

H8324 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact
H8324_51.1.A.4.265_R8A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H8324 FTF File)
H8324_51.1.A.4.265_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8324 Lock Remove File)
H8324_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8324 FTF File)
H8324_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8324 Lock Remove File)

IS12S - Sony Xperia Acro HD
IS12S_6.1.D.1.103_R15G_IS12S_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony IS12S FTF File)
IS12S_6.1.D.1.103_R15G_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony IS12S Lock Remove File)

L50t - Sony Xperia Z2
L50t_17.1.E.2.67_R25A_ChinaMobileCN.ftf (Rom Sony L50t FTF File)
L50t_17.1.E.2.67_R25A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L50t Lock Remove File)

L50u - Sony Xperia Z2
L50u_17.1.1.F.0.43_R15A_China_Unicom_CN.ftf (Rom Sony L50u FTF File)
L50u_17.1.1.F.0.43_R15A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L50u Lock Remove File)

L55t - Sony Xperia Z3
L55t_23.0.1.G.0.87_R3B_China_Mobile_CSFB.ftf (Rom Sony L55t FTF File)
L55t_23.0.1.G.0.87_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L55t Lock Remove File)

L55u - Sony Xperia Z3
L55u_23.0.1.F.0.77_R3B_China_Unicom_CN.ftf (Rom Sony L55u FTF File)
L55u_23.0.1.F.0.77_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L55u Lock Remove File)

LT15i - Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
LT15i_4.1.B.0.587_R1I_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony LT15i FTF File)
LT15i_4.1.B.0.587_R1I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony LT15i Lock Remove File)

LT18 - Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S
LT18_Setool File (Frimware Sony LT18i For Setool File)
LT18a lock remove.ftf (Sony LT18a Lock Remove File)
LT18i lock remove.ftf (Sony LT18i Lock Remove File

LT22i - Sony Xperia P
LT22i_6.2.A.1.100_Customized_India.ftf (Rom Sony LT22i FTF File)
Xperia P LT22i_6.2.A.1.100_lock remove.ftf (Sony LT22i Lock Remove File)

LT25c - Sony Xperia V
LT25c_9.1.E.0.324_R6I_China_Telecom.ftf (Rom Sony LT25c FTF File)
LT25c_9.1.E.0.324_R6I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony LT25c Lock Remove File)

LT25i - Sony Xperia V
LT25i_9.2.A.2.5_R2J_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony LT25i FTF File)
Xperia V LT25i_9.2.A.2.5_lock remove.ftf (Sony LT25i Lock Remove File)

LT26 - Sony Xperia S
LT26w_6.2.B.1.96_R2H_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony LT26w FTF File)
LT26w_1266-3204_6.2.B.1.96_R2H_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony LT26w Lock Remove File)
LT26i lock remove.ftf (Sony LT26i Lock Remove File)
LT26i_Jtag (File eMMC Dump Sony LT26i)

LT29 - Sony Xperia TX
LT29_7.0.A.3.212_1266-6178_RU(PCT).ftf (Rom Sony LT29i FTF File)
LT29i lock remove.ftf (Sony LT29i Lock Remove File)

M51w - Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
M51w_14.4.A.0.108_R11C_CustomizedCN.ftf (Rom Sony M51w FTF File)
M51w_14.4.A.0.108_R11C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony M51w Lock Remove File)

MT25 - Sony Xperia neo L
MT25i_4_1_B_0_631 (Firmware Sony MT25i For Setool File)

MT27 - Sony Xperia sola
MT27i_6_0_B_3_188 (Firmware Sony MT27i For Setool File)

R800i - Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
R800i_ALLFile (All File Sony R800i)

S55t - Sony Xperia C3 Dual
S55t_19.2.2.B.0.144_R3B_China_Mobile_CSFB.ftf (Rom Sony S55t FTF File)
S55t_19.2.2.B.0.144_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony S55t Lock Remove File)

S55u - Sony Xperia C3 Dual
S55u_19.2.1.A.0.72_R5B_China_Unicom_CN.ftf (Rom Sony S55u FTF File)
S55u_19.2.1.A.0.72_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony S55u Lock Remove File)

SGP311 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z
SGP311_10.7.A.0.228_R2E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP311 FTF File)
SGP311_10.7.A.0.228_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP311 Lock Remove File)

SGP312 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z
SGP312_10.5.A.0.230_R2D_VMoUS.ftf (Firmware Sony SGP312 FTF File)
SGP312_10.5.A.0.230_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP312 Lock Remove File)

SGP321 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z
SGP321_10.7.A.0.228_R5E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP321 FTF File)
SGP321_10.7.A.0.228_R5E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP321 Lock Remove File)

SGP341 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z
SGP341_10.5.1.A.0.292_R7D_CustomizedCN.ftf (Rom Sony SGP341 FTF File)
SGP341_10.5.1.A.0.292_R7D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP341 Lock Remove File)

SGP351 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z
SGP351_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP351 FTF File)
SGP351_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP351 Lock Remove File)

SGP412 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra
SGP412_14.3.A.2.21_R3C_VMo_JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SGP412 FTF File)
SGP412_14.3.A.2.21_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP412 Lock Remove File)

SGP511 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi
SGP511_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP511 FTF File)
SGP511_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP511 Lock Remove File)

SGP512 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi
SGP512_23.5.A.0.575_R1D_CustomizedTW.ftf (Rom Sony SGP512 FTF File)
SGP512_23.5.A.0.575_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP512 Lock Remove File)

SGP521 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE
SGP521_23.5.A.1.291_R8D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP521 FTF File)
SGP521_23.5.A.1.291_R8D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP521 Lock Remove File)

SGP541 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE
SGP541_17.1.1.A.0.402_R12A_VMoCN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SGP541 FTF File)
SGP541_17.1.1.A.0.402_R12A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP541 Lock Remove File)

SGP551 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE
SGP551_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom Sony SGP551 FTF File)
SGP551_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP551 Lock Remove File)

SGP561 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE
SGP561_23.4.B.0.319_R22C_VerizonUSA.ftf (Rom Sony SGP561 FTF File)
SGP561_23.4.B.0.319_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP561 Lock Remove File)

SGP611 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
SGP611_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP611 FTF File)
SGP611_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP611 Lock Remove File)

SGP612 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
SGP612_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP612 FTF File)
SGP612_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP612 Lock Remove File)

SGP621 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
SGP621_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP621 FTF File)
SGP621_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP621 Lock Remove File)

SGP641 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
SGP641_23.5.A.0.575_R2D_CustomizedTW.ftf (Rom Sony SGP641 FTF File)
SGP641_23.5.A.0.575_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP641 Lock Remove File)

SGP712 - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet WiFi
SGP712_28.0.A.3.0_R8A_GenericGLOBAL.ftf (Rom Sony SGP712 FTF File)
SGP712_28.0.A.3.0_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP712 Lock Remove File)

SGP771 - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE
SGP771_32.2.A.5.11_R8C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP771 FTF File)
SGP771_32.2.A.5.11_R8C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP771 Lock Remove File)
SGP771_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware SGP771 FTF File)
SGP771_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP771 Lock Remove File)

SK17i - Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro
SK17i_Setool File (Firmware Sony SK17i For Setool File)
CM10 (Custom Rom Sony SK17i)

SO-01E - Sony Xperia AX Docomo
SO-01E_9.1.C.1.186_R17I_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO01E FTF File)
SO-01E_9.1.C.1.186_R17I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01E Lock Remove File)

SO-01F - SONY Xperia Z1 Docomo
SO-01F_14.3.B.0.362_R13C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO01F FTF File Android 4.4.2)
SO-01F_14.3.B.0.362_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01F Lock Remove File)
SO01F_512M (File Dump Sony SO01F)

SO-01G - Sony Xperia Z3 Docomo
SO-01G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-01G FTF File)
SO-01G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01G Lock Remove File)

SO-01H - Sony Xperia Z5 Docomo
SO-01H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-01H FTF File)
SO-01H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01H Lock Remove File)

SO-01J - Sony Xperia XZ Au/Docomo
SO-01J_39.2.B.0.336_R15C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-01J FTF File)
SO-01J_39.2.B.0.336_R15C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-01J Lock Remove File)

SO-02E - Sony Xperia Z Docomo
SO-02E_10.5.1.B.0.155_R11D_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-02E FTF File)
SO-02E_10.5.1.B.0.155_R11D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02E Lock Remove File)

SO-02G - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Docomo (SO02G)
SO-02G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-02G FTF File)
SO-02G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02G Lock Remove File)

SO-02H - Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Docomo
SO-02H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO02H FTF File)
SO-02H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02H Lock Remove File)

SO-02J - Sony Xperia X Compact
SO-02J_34.2.B.0.290_R12C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-02J FTF File)
SO-02J_34.2.B.0.290_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02J Lock Remove File)

SO-03D - Sony Xperia Acro HD
Acro HD _SO-03D_6.1.f.0.106.ftf (Rom Sony SO03D FTF File Android 4.0)

SO-03G - Sony Xperia Z4 Docomo
SO-03G_32.1.E.1.98_R18C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO03G FTF File)
SO-03G_32.1.E.1.98_R18C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03G Lock Remove File)

SO-03H - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Docomo
SO-03H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO03H FTF File)
SO-03H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03H Lock Remove File)

SO-03J - Sony Xperia XZs
SO-03J_41.3.B.1.181_R16E_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO03J FTF File)
SO-03J_41.3.B.1.181_R16E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03J Lock Remove File)

SO-03K - Sony Xperia XZ2 (DoCoMo)
SO-03K_52.0.B.9.49_R11B_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-03K FTF File)
SO-03K_52.0.B.9.49_R11B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03K Lock Remove File)

SO-04G - Sony Xperia A4
SO-04G_23.5.B.0.396_R14D_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO04G FTF File)
SO-04G_23.5.B.0.396_R14D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04G Lock Remove File)

SO-04H - Sony Xperia X Performance Docomo
SO-04H_35.0.B.2.292_R9A_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO04H FTF File)
SO-04H_35.0.B.2.292_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO04H Lock Remove File)
SO-04H_39.2.B.0.336_R17C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Firmware SO-04H FTF File)
SO-04H_39.2.B.0.336_R17C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04H Lock Remove File)

SO-04J - Sony Xperia XZ Premium
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.59_R17B_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-04J FTF File)
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.59_R17B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04J Lock Remove File)
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.105_R18B_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom SO04J FTF File)
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.105_R18B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO04J Lock Remove File)

SO-04K - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium (SO04K)
SO-04K_51.1.B.4.53_R6A_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO04K SO-04K FTF File)
SO-04K_51.1.B.4.53_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04K Lock Remove File)
SO-04K_52.0.B.9.62_R9B_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Firmware Sony SO04K FTF File)
SO-04K_52.0.B.9.62_R9B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO04K Lock Remove File)

SO-05G - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE
SO-05G_32.1.E.1.98_R19C_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SO-05G FTF File)
SO-05G_32.1.E.1.98_R19C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO05G Lock Remove File)

SO-05K - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (SO05K)
SO-05K_51.1.B.3.101_R8A_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Firmware Sony SO-05K FTF File
SO-05K_51.1.B.3.101_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-05K Lock Remove File)
SO-05K_52.0.B.9.93_R10B_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO05K FTF File)
SO-05K_52.0.B.9.93_R10B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO05K Lock Remove File)

SOL21 - Sony Xperia VL
SOL21_9.1.D.0.401_R17I_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOL21 FTF File
SOL21_9.1.D.0.401_R17I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL21 Lock Remove File)

SOL22 - Sony Xperia UL
SOL22_10.3.1.D.0.257_R13B_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOL22 FTF File
SOL22_10.3.1.D.0.257_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL22 Lock Remove File)

SOL23 - Sony Xperia Z1 LTE
SOL23_14.1.C.0.467_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOL23 FTF File)
SOL23_14.3.C.0.300_R21C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOL23 FTF File
SOL23_14.3.C.0.300_R21C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL23 Lock Remove File)
SOL23_3GB (File Dump 3GB Sony SOL23)
SOL23_512M (File Dump 512MB Sony SOL23)

SOL26 - Sony Xperia Z3 Au
SOL26_23.1.G.2.244_R21C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOL26 FTF File)
SOL26_23.1.G.2.244_R21C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL26 Lock Remove File)

SOT21 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE
SOT21_23.1.G.2.151_R20C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOT21 FTF File)
SOT21_23.1.G.2.151_R20C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOT21 Lock Remove File)

SOT31 - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet au
SOT31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOT31 FTF File)
SOT31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOT31 Lock Remove File)

SOV31 - Sony Xperia Z4 AU
SOV31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV31 FTF File)
SOV31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV31 Lock Remove File)
SOV31_Setool Full File (Firmware Sony SOV31 Setool File For Unbrick)

SOV32 - Sony Xperia Z5 Au
SOV32_32.1.C.0.401_R20C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV32 FTF File)
SOV32_32.1.C.0.401_R20C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV32 Lock Remove File)

SOV33 - Sony Xperia X Performance Au
SOV33_35.0.D.0.362_R20A_KDDIJP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV33 FTF File)
SOV33_35.0.D.0.362_R20A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV33 Lock Remove File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.226_R15C_KDDIJP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOV33 FTF File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.226_R15C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV33 Lock Remove File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV33 FTF File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV33 Lock Remove File)

SOV34 - Sony Xperia XZ (Au/Docomo)
SOV34_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_KDDI-JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV34 FTF File)
SOV34_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV34 Lock Remove File)

SOV35 - Sony Xperia XZs
SOV35_41.3.C.1.203_R22E_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOV35 FTF File)
SOV35_41.3.C.1.203_R22E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV35 Lock Remove File)

SOV37 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Docomo
SOV37_51.1.C.3.73_R15A_KDDI-JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SOV37 FTF File)
SOV37_51.1.C.3.73_R15A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV37 Lock Remove File)
SOV37_52.0.C.5.90_R13B_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOV37 FTF File)
SOV37_52.0.C.5.90_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV37 Lock Remove File)

SOV38 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
SOV38_52.0.C.5.99_R13B_KDDI_JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SOV38 FTF File)
SOV38_52.0.C.5.99_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV38 Lock Remove File)

ST18 - Sony Ericsson Xperia ray
ST18i ALLFILE (Sony ST18i Firmware All File)

ST21 - Sony Xperia Tipo
ST21i_11_0_A_4_22 (Firmware Sony ST21i For Setool File)
Xperia Tipo ST21i_11.0.A.4.22_lock remove.ftf (Sony ST21i Lock Remove File)

ST23 - Sony Xperia Miro
ST23i_11_0_A_2_16 (Firmware Sony ST23i For Setool File)
Xperia miro ST23i_11.0.A.5.5_lock remove.ftf (Sony ST23i Lock Remove File)

ST25 - Sony Xperia U
ST25i_6_1_1_B_1_54 (Firmware Sony ST25i For Setool File)
Xperia U ST25i_6.1.1.B.1.10_lock remove.ftf (Sony ST25i Lock Remove File)

ST26i - Sony Xperia J
ST26i_11.2.A.0.31_R4E_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony ST26i FTF File)
ST26i_Jtag (File eMMC Dump Sony ST26i)

WT19 - Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
WT19i_Setool File (Firmware Sony WT19i For Setool File)
WT19a_lock remove.ftf (Sony WT19a Lock Remove File)
WT19i_lock remove.ftf (Sony WT19i Lock Remove File)

X10 - Sony Ericsson Xperia
X10i_3_0_1_G_0_75 (Firmware Sony X10i For Setool File)
CM10 (Custom Rom cm10 Xperia X10i)
Xperia X10a_3.0.1.G.0.75_lock remove.ftf (Sony X10a Lock Remove File)
Xperia X10i_3.0.1.G.0.75_lock remove.ftf (Sony X10i Lock Remove File)

XM50t - SONY Xperia T2 Ultra
XM50t_19.1.1.D.0.68_R8B_ChinaMobileCN.ftf (Rom Sony XM50t FTF File)
XM50t_19.1.1.D.0.68_R8B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony XM50t Lock Remove File)

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