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Vivo Devices Bootloader unlock commands

 Do you want to unlock vivo devices bootloader?

Here's the vivo bootloader unlock codes helps you to unlock your device -
Unlock Vivo Bootloader Command
Both commands are different. There's only a minor difference. Here these unlock and lock commands are -

  • For old Vivo device unlock code - fastboot bbk unlock_vivo
  • For New Vivo device unlock code - fastboot bbk vivo_bsp unlock_vivo
  • Lock bootloader command - fastboot bbk lock_vivo

Bootloader unlocked device list​

SR.NOVIVO Device Model Name
1.Vivo Y53
2.Vivo Y51L
3.Vivo Y21L
4.Vivo X9
5.Vivo Y55
6.Vivo X21 UD Plus
7.Vivo V7 Plus
8.Vivo Y65
9.Vivo Y85
10.Vivo Y51
11.Vivo Y21
12.Vivo Y11

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