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LGROMUP 1.0 - Flash LG KDZ and some helpful functions

LGROMUP 1.0 - Flash LG KDZ 

This is a small tool that helps you Flash KDZ easily

Base on the LGUP_Cmd tool, LGROMUP make it more easily without type command in CMD, without finding an exact COM port

  • Automatic select the correct port
  • Save KDZ history for next time flash faster
  • Customize the DLL file if you want
Please note: Flash KDZ by LGROMUP will make a hard reset after. Make sure to save your user data and Remove the Google account or remember it to unlock after booting up

And some other helpful functions:

  • Read phone information from Normal mode (Modem port - without adb)
  • Read phone information from Download mode 
  • Automatic check phone IMEI from server to detect the exact model code and region. Get exact KDZ and download link
  • Reboot to System, Download mode, Power Off From Normal mode, or Download mode
  • Open Browser for FRP phone (Same the method of Samsung FRP bypass tool)
How to Flash KDZ:

  1. Boot your phone to Download Mode (Hold Volume up button and connect cable)
  2. Install LG Driver below if you are not installed it before
  3. Open the LGROMUP tool. 
  4. Select Serial Port, DLL, KDZ file
  5. Click Flash and wait to finish
Todo for next update:

  • Read information from ADB mode
  • Reboot from ADB, Fastboot mode
  • Flash KDZ keep user data

Tool information:
  • Author: Tungtata
  • Language: C# .Net
  • Version: 1.1
  • Release date: Dec 19, 2021
  • MD5: 63e1869e0761815f8dd86dab063e0d01

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