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MTK Auth Bypass Tool V26

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V26

  • added eMMC Test (Health check) via META Mode.
  • added (Read, Write, Format) partitions via META Mode.
  • fixed Dump eMMC EXT_CSD via META Mode.
  • several fixes, including reboot option for (DAA, SBC) only secure targets.

As mentioned in previous posts, some vendors did not enable or blocked the META Driver on their kernels, for example Huawei and Samsung + (OPPO 2021 security updates).

* For other vendors it should work fine, nor model or chip set specified, seems to be a generic thing.

some of the tested brands (Vivo, Xiaomi, Alcatel, LG, Tecno, Infinix, Huawei devices with Android 6 and lower, and more).

- Thanks to MetaCore library.

* Due to plain undocumented dll calls there is no progress bar will be available while reading the partitions from the device.

* Maximum format length is 0xBEBC200 if your given partition data is larger than 200 MB,

software will replace only the beginning of partition with 0xBEBC200 length.

* Meta mode doesn't allow to read and write all partitions (limited).

* Don't use long directories (path's).

this will be the last version of this software maybe will share a copy of the source code soon.

all of the tool features explained in the previous posts and i see a lot of youtube videos available to explain the tool options and how to use it, search for MTK Auth Bypass Tool.

the mtk exploit bypass payloads credits to @viperbjk.

I've never been tired ​of sharing knowledge and help people who wants to learn more about this field.

thanks for the support.


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