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MTK auth Bypass V22

MTK auth Bypass V22


Read eMMC Dump in META MODE

  • dump MTK eMMC userpart - mmcblk0 in META Mode.
  • dump MTK UFS SDC in META Mode (sda - sdb - sdaxx)-

possible to backup but not implanted yet in my SW.

  • voulmes/blocks will be copied directly from
  • dev/block/mmcblk0.
  • dev/block/sdc.

Note : in meta mode all voulmes will mounted as defualt in normal boot as

  • Android Linux kernel.

so you can copy what ever you want voulme/file/block.

for example you can copy :









meansits similar to adb shell ls in root mode.

this maybe will be helpful for devices which not allow to enter BRom mode

and FAT/MODEM driver is much faster to copy blocks from device.

+ i hope Mediatek pacth this ASAP.


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