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MTK META Utility V35

MTK META Utility V35 added 
  • - Backup MD Modem Database (MDDB - for MODEM META) and AP Proinfo database (APDB- for SP SN WRITER) in META Mode.
  • - VIVO MediaTek Read device info only in flash mode (Preloader Only - VIVO only) to ensure if device updated to the latest security patch or not.
  • - Exit Fastboot mode as per someone suggested in my previous posts.
  • - Erase Nvram & Nvdata in fast-boot mode (BL Unlock required + Disabled AVB or Debug ROM Installed).
  • - H-level Improvement for FB/ADB detection (added Recursive Mutex for thread serialization between the commands).
  • - Read more ADB Info such as (IMEI - Sim State - Network operator - Network Type (limited)).
  • - Fixed crash while abort USB Device Waiter specially in preloader crash operation.
  • + overall improvements and fixes .
  • - Small note, If you need to read MTK device IMEI's in META Mode while read info, un-tick (use META SP API).
The tool is packed with VMP because some people are trying to modify and add their own name - no fkn idea why, but it's locked because of this stuffs so if you got any AV warning, just exclude the software.
* Regarding VIVO New security - we're very close to something,


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