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SamFw FRP update v2.3

SamFw FRP update v2.3
SamFw FRP update v2.3

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Update v2.0 25/05/2022

  • Remove open website step after removing FRP 
  • Fix check ADB connection after enabling ADB
  • Add Read Info MTP
  • Add Disable Knox
  • Add Factory Reset (2 methods)
  • Add MTP Open Browser
  • Add ADB Remove FRP (2 methods)
  • Add Reboot MTP

Update v2.1 27/05/2022

  • Fix wrong text when Remove FRP & Disable Knox
  • Add open Device Manager
  • Fix UI bug

Update v2.2 27/05/2022

  • Optimize FRP/Factory Reset/Disable Knox (Fix success removed but notice that is failed)

Update v2.3 28/05/2022

  •  - Fix AT USB Connection
  •  - Important update: Fix FRP Remove/Factory Reset/Disable Knox for new model and old PC. Please update asap!
  •  - Update Factory Reset full automate 

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