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MTK META Utility V45

MTK META Utility Update V45

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Update add

- Regarding Samsung MTK force BootROM without TP,

now no need to select a preloader file to exit brom,

the software will select the compatible preloader automatically.

- Renamed PIT files for PMT Rebuild operation with the

same Model Number and BIT Rev.

​- Next task is get rid of Rebuild PMT, but needs more work - in process.

- Tested with (A326U - A325M - SM-A326W - A326B - SM-M325F

- A125F - A136U - A21 - A226B - A225M - A41 - F42) All bits.

* Please don't try this method with :

- Devices with KG (Locked/Active).

- Devices with (sec ctrl status (0)).

- Tracfone locked devices.


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