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MTK META Utility V55 Add VIVO devices with MT6771 and MT6765

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MTK META Utility V55  :

- I have seen a lot of people struggling to jump into BootROM mode for VIVO devices with new security (mt6765, mt6771), so I made a simple solution to Enter/Exit BootROM mode for these devices.

- This feature already implemented in some tools, but not the correct way, they just added the DA file.

- With my method you don’t need to search for preloader from old firmware to enable BRom port or preloader from new firmware package to exit BRom, all operations are automated as usual, to help people operate this kind of tasks as fast as possible

,to exit BRom you need to select the Main preloader file with big size (4MB)

- Added Write PGPT option in BRom mode to fix partition table corruption (Samsung specially dead UFS devices such as A326U, A136U).

- Fixed (===== wait for DA high speed port =====) device back to BRom port after switch to DA port.

- For MT6768 and MT6833P we only managed to find an online server based solution, and it requires BBK-Asia server for remote authentication, and the request cost 💲 so we were still trying to find offline solution hopefully we will succeed soon.

- The original preloader file will be saved into program directory (VIVO_EMI) with device RNID/ME_ID(unique MTK identificatior) so you can use it with flashing tools (EMI/Preloader) to initiate DRAM and boot device for R/W operations.

Next task as mentioned (offline solution for VIVO MT6768  - MT6833P) and Xiaomi Redmi 9A/9C Poco M31 Boot device/dram init fail solution.

To clarify the force/exit BootROM process, so developers can apply this type of ideas to the flashing tools to make it easier for users :

- we boot the device into DA mode with the singed Download Agent from VIVO, first we dump the original preloader to be used for DRAM setup later in future tasks and save it into local file with unquie device number such as (MEID - RNID - SoC HRID) then we format the primary boot region aka (BOOT1-A) to lead into USB exception due to missing or corrupted MAGIC header, now we will get bootrom port each time device connected to PC, and we have the original preloader file which saved earlier with the unique device ID, so we can use it for dram init, after finishing the desired operation, we just need to send the original BOOT region, the device will back to original status without downgrade or upgrade pre-loader file, and that’s.

NEw Supported VIVO devices with MT6771 and MT6765  chipsets :

  • Vivo V11i
  • Vivo X21i
  • Vivo Z3i
  • Vivo Y97
  • Vivo Y01
  • Vivo Y02s
  • Vivo Y1s
  • Vivo Y3s
  • Vivo Y10
  • Vivo Y15a
  • Vivo Y15s
  • Vivo Y12s
  • Vivo Y16
  • Vivo Y20 2021
  • Vivo Y21
  • Vivo Y30
  • Vivo Y30 SE

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