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MTK META Utility V70

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MTK META Utility V70 

* New Features and Enhancements :

- Added Patch Xiaomi Qualcomm Firmware to Disable MI Cloud Lock.

- The software will create a backup from the original file, before patch process, (can be restored in case if anything gone wrong after the patch process),

after patch, you will need to flash (MODEM & PERSIST) partitions,

you can't add a new account (no access to MI ACC server).

- The patch can be removed by firmware update (USB/OTA), and will not be removed with ordinary soft-reset, you will need to select (MODEM - NON-HLOS.bin) file for the patch.

This feature already exists and available to operate with many tools (but doing it manually is FUN).

- Application GUI updated.

* Phased out :

- VIVO New Sec Read Info => [We have analyzed, reviewed the risks of this operation for VIVO MTK devices with UFS based chipsets (This option can reset the device to BootROM mode, despite the fuses and test-point disable, but it will also remove the calibration data such as IMEI/Fingerprint data), the option is disabled temporally.

However, you were still able to use the previous versions to access this feature].

$ - We allow the use of this software under certain circumstances, Therefore.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.

In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software, please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones, and must not be used for illegal purposes.

- USE it at your own risk. Archive’s Password = mtk_meta_utility, credit to Mofadal El-Tayeb


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