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hidden Icloud ios 15-16x ( Withuot jailbreak )

hidden Icloud ios 15-16x ( Withuot jailbreak )

Hide icloud

Step 1: Install Filza. Click the link below to download and press trust



iOs 16x : Santander(ios16.0-16.1.2).ipa

Step 2 : Hide icloud => Access filza


2: Enter Disd

3: delete all value lines, Click delete and save

4: Restart the phone FMI will turn off, log out and no password needed

Remove Restriction Code => Access filza


Go to ScreenTimeEnabled Yes, then turn it off to No and save it. Start the machine and you're done

Note :  Not support loss mode , phone is still on the home screen And Connect wifi

trick hidden icloud ios 15-16x.rar / Mediafire / Backup Link (Password: romgsm )